Long distance versus local moves
Author: SAFRA    Date Published: 22 June 2017

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Some people think a move is a move - whether you're relocating to another home nearby, or to a city 8 hours away, or even to a neighbouring state. They couldn't be more wrong. Here are some of the considerations you have to make when you are planning your move.


When you're moving to another house a short distance away and you will still be in the neighbourhood frequently to visit friends or when you come to work, you don't need to do a change of address for letters sent to your post box. However, you will need to notify utility companies and your bank, as they usually send mail to your residential address.

If you move to another city, you will have to change everything, including your bank account, to a new branch.

Local move? No problem - the kids will probably still go to the same school and nothing changes.


We all have some things we'd rather not let out of our sight. When you are moving to a newby town, you can probably start taking over some smaller items to the new house a week or so in advance and start preparing for move day when the truck arrives with your furniture.

With a long distance move you will only have space for valuables in your car and the rest will all have to go in the truck.

Pet Relocation

Moving with pets can be tricky, particularly if it's a long distance move or when your pets are not used to going in the car for long distances. You will have to speak to your veterinarian about pet tranquilizers and arrange with your moving company to do a pet relocation. They usually use special pet boxes to safely transport your pets to their new home.


Carefully planning the timing of your move is always important, but it's critical in a long distance move. Heavy laden trucks cannot travel at the speed of cars or planes (or your prefered method of transport to your new home).

If you are going to arrive at your new home long before the truck does, you may want to consider booking into a hotel for the night. That way you won't be pressured to unpack and make beds for everyone after a long day of packing and traveling. Also, you will get a good breakfast when you leave in the morning to settle into your new home.

Bonus Tip

If you're moving long distance, be sure to have everything you will need for the next day or three handy in your car. Let all the non-critical items go on the truck.

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